More businesses are recognizing the advantages of housing their data and infrastructure equipment within a colocation data center. These facilities allow customers to control mission-critical data within a secure environment that includes:

  1. Uninterruptible Power
  2. Backup Power Generation
  3. Climate Control
  4. Physical Security
  5. 24 x 7 x 365 On-Site Monitoring
  6. Carrier Neutral Connection to all major carriers

Our customers colocate their equipment for various reasons, some of which are:

  1. Low-latency (<18ms) connectivity between Chicago and New York, allowing financial trading firms an advantage over competitors.
  2. Redundancy for their networks which minimizes any disruption in communications caused by power outages, construction, natural disasters etc.
  3. Disaster recovery has become more of a topic after 9/11. Colocation insulates companies from downtime which can be costly to some businesses.
  4. Savings in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).  When considering real estate space costs in Class A office buildings a data center with support staff can become rather expensive. Colocation often lowers TCO by 50% with stronger technical support than a customer doing it themselves.
  5. Centralization of computing power why have work stations in house when all of the brain power can sit in a central location that can be accessed from anywhere in the world? The evolution of cloud computing will further amplify the benefits of colocation.

For companies that rely on the Internet and the wide area networking to drive their business, American Data & Voice offers premium colocation services that are customizable and fully scalable. State-of-the-art, highly secure, carrier neutral facilities offer customers colocation packages that are both flexible and comprehensive.

Services range from single server 1/3 cabinet, multi-cabinet to large-scale enterprise solutions. Each are available with monitoring and system support, as well as additional fully managed services from a full suite of ancillary offerings ensuring that each customer receives exactly what they need from their colocation solution.

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