About Us

About Us

American Data & Voice is a rapidly growing communication services and technology company.  It was created due to the confusion created by the always changing telecom and Internet service delivery industries, and the need for business owners and managers to have the most reliable, cost effective, unbiased network services options based on their specific business needs and locations.

Extensive market research showed clients had several needs:

  • Multiple options to a network or voice solution
  • Competitive pricing
  • Trust in the vendors’ ability to perform
  • Pleasant customer service experience
  • On-time service delivery
  • Invoice and service inventory accuracy

Years of experience in the industry had shown that no company can be all things to all people.  As ADV evolved, we chose to focus on the most mission critical parts of a business network – voice, internet and private line point to point connections.

The ability to understand how technology affects business productivity sets ADV above most integration and consulting firms. Our vendors have been in their individual industries for many years.  ADV requires three qualities in their vendors:

  • Tried – we have used the vendor in the past and know they can perform to expectations
  • Trusted – we trust vendors will perform in the future as in the past based on many factors including financial stability
  • True – when something breaks (and it will) vendors handle the problem quickly with a minimum of disruption to our client

Thank you for taking the time to consider the benefits of ADV. Our account managers are seasoned veterans of the voice and data transmission industries.  Our experience and industry contacts allow us to efficiently facilitate communications between individual vendors necessary for networks to operate efficiently, allowing our clients to focus on their core business.

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